PS Pro Asana
PS Pro Asana
PS Pro Asana

Planet Sadhana

PS Pro Asana


This strong mat has been designed for the experienced practitioner being the most durable, high performance mat in the Planet Sadhana range.

Categorised as a performance mat it is quintessentially unique as the dense 5mm form requires a degree of wearing in to achieve optimum grip. Therefore, it becomes even more enjoyable to practice on, the more it is practiced upon.

Developing a mat with the 'right' amount of grip was the vision for the Pro Asana mat. With the design also providing the necessary cushion and support in postures it is an ideal mat for a dynamic yoga practice. This mat will not catch your feet in jump throughs or jump backs, perfect for your ashtanga practice.

Made from carefully selected, eco-friendly materials it has no nasty chemicals; echoing pureness! The PS Pro Asana is heartily lifelong and it endeavours to be practiced upon daily.

The PS Pro Asana has evolved since its initial induction into the market in 1999 to become one of the most prominent mats purchased by experienced yogis. Have the courage and join the movement!
A mat worth dedicating yourself to.
Size: 185 cm x 66 cm x 5 mm
Weight: 3.12 kg
Material: High grade PVC (phtalate and latex free)
Care instructions: Wipe down regularly with warm soapy water. Not suitable for machine washing.